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Runs since last won (WL) and runs since placed (PL) added to the runner block in the cards

Prices RPD updated, POP (Book difference between WAP and PRD) added, Back Value and Lay Value added - these are in beta and subject to updates - more info to follow on the effectiveness of these to follow


Missing results added

B2L block now runs from last 12 months (not entire career)

Query Tool development started


V1.1 was released


Hedger Pro is an advanced web application for finding horses to hedge bet (back to lay, or lay to back), It has all the resources you'll need - all in 1 place.

Hedging is a type of betting that aims to make a profit by backing horses that run well, or conversely laying horses that run badly. This is done by first placing a back or lay bet and at some point later place the opposite bet to guarantee a profit, no matter what the outcome of the race.

An example would be to back a horse before the race sets off and then laying the same horse, at reduced odds, at some point in-play when the horse is running well and its odds have reduced sufficiently to lock in a worthwhile profit.

The horse does not have to win the race for the hedge bet to be successful; it only has to run well to get the lay bet matched. This is the whole point of hedging.

Hedger Pro is a cards based website detailing the best horses to hedge. Once you've found your selections the betting feature can order, or schedule your bets to be placed near the off time.

Race Tab

The Race tab displays either the 'Race List' or 'Shortlists'.

The Race List is as shown below and is totally configurable to display only the data and statistics which you require. 

Race Info

Each race has information shown above the runners table

Clicking on the << chevrons will hide the list of races to save screen estate.

Class of race; 1 to 7.

Hcap: Y (Yes) or N (No).


Dist: Miles / furlongs.

Race: J (Jump) / Flat - Chase / Hurdle - AW (All weather) / Turf.

Rnrs: No. of runners inn the race.

Percentage Target Profit

The % target profit drop-down menu is brought into view by clicking as shown.

A profit target can then be selected by clicking on the target most appropriate to your strategy.

The targets range from 25% (a return of 1.25 times your stake)


500% (a return of 6 times your stake.)


In this example a 100% profit is being chosen - a return of 2 times the stake.

I.E. A DOB - Double Or Bust!

Race Calendar

Click as shown to expand the Calendar.

Clicking on the circular arrows will refresh the calendar.

A previous day's racing can be loaded into Hedger Pro from as far back as your level of subscription permits.

The link / chain icon to the right of the race name opens a new browser tab in which the appropriate Betfair Exchange market is presented.

In this example the current date is 28th March but we have chosen to take a look at the racing from Saturday 26th March by clicking on '26' in the Calendar.

The upward and downward arrows will advance or regress the calendar one month per click.

Clicking on 'Clear' will clear any selection already made.

Clicking on 'Today' will load today's date.

Race Tab - Race Cards


Key to Abbreviations
# - Horse Number.
DR - Stall Draw.
Horse - Name of horse and underneath which, from left to right, Jockey / Trainer.
BFFC - Betfair Forecast. The Timeform view of the likely starting price.
WGT - The weight that the horse is carrying today in stone and pounds.
Age - The age of the horse.
OR - The Official Rating of the horse.
DSLR - Days Since Last Run.
LW - The number of runs since the horse last won a race.
LP - The number of runs since the horse was last placed in a race.

B2L (12M)

This table is reporting the Back 2 Lay statistics, pertinent to the horse, for the previous 12 months.

Key to Abbreviations
R - Number of Runs.
W - Number of Wins. Note that a 'win' in this context means the horse achieved a successful hedge, to the % target chosen from the drop-down menu.
SR - Strike Rate, being wins divided by runs.
ROI - Return On Investment.
Chart - A graphical representation of target divided by profit.

Horse Stats (12M)
This table is reporting the statistics, pertinent to the horse, for the previous 12 months.

Key to Abbreviations
R - Number of runs in the previous 12 months.
W - Number of races won in the previous 12 months.
SR - Strike Rate over the previous 12 months.
ROI - Return On Investment if you had backed the horse in every run in the previous 12 months.
ADB - Average Distance Beaten regarding the horses runs in the previous 12 months.
ABD - Average Book Drop. The ABD is calculated as follows for each race; 100/lowest traded price - 100/BSP. This is similar to ticks drop but more accurate. The ABD figure is the average over the previous 12 months.
APD - Average Price Drop. The maximum price drop that can be achieved in any one race is 100%. The APD figures are the average over the previous 12 months.
PRB - Percentage of Rivals Beaten. A key metric but it is important that you understand exactly what this is conveying. It does not mean the percentage of rivals beaten with regard to today's race. But rather the performance of the runner in previous races against the field on that date.


Key to Abbreviations
Prices Chart - Today's Betfair price chart.
VOL - The volume matched on the runner in the Betfair Exchange.
WAP - Weighted Average Price. The average price at which the runner has traded, weighted to take into account the amounts traded at each price point.
WAPL - Weighted Average Price Low. The lowest recorded WAP since the market opened.
WAPH - Weighted Average Price High. The highest recorded WAP since the market opened.
B - Back Price. The current back price on the Betfair Exchange.
L - Lay. The current lay price on the Betfair Exchange.
PRD - The Predicted back price at post time.

POP - The book difference and intended as a market pressure indicator.

BV - Back Value; Book Diff between current price and PRD. Prices can reasonably be expected to fall in play with a positive book value.

LV - Lay Value; Book Diff between current price and PRD. Prices can reasonably be expected to rise in play with a negative book value.


Key to Abbreviations
BSP - Betfair Starting Price.
IPL - In Play Low. The lowest price at which money was matched in-play. This is invariably 1.01 with regard to the winner of the race.
IPH - In Play High. The highest price at which money was matched.
B2L% - Back 2 Lay Percentage (profit). The maximum possible % profit that could have been achieved by backing at BSP and laying at IPL.
POS - Position. The position in which the horse finished the race.

The View Feature

Clicking on the magnifying glass will display the details of the horses previous runs.

Race Tab - Shortlists

Shortlists can be created by clicking into the 'Shortlists' tab and then clicking 'Add New'.

The following screen will be presented;

Type a name of your choosing and click 'OK'.

Having chosen a name, in the example below we have chosen 'B2L 50%', then the Shortlist can be configured.

Race Tab - Horse Tracking

Keep an eye on your favourite horses with the horse tracker feature.

Click on the 'star' icon to the left of any horse in the card to add / remove from your list

Race Tab - Bet Slip

The betting slip is opened by clicking on either the back or lay odds in the 'Race List' tab.

The following screen is then presented;

Description of Bet Slip Features

Hedge Bet: This will place a bet on the opposite side of the book, to the original bet, in order to achieve a profit.

Single Bet: This will place a single bet in the market, i.e. with no hedging, on either the back or lay side of the book.

Back to Lay: Places a back bet and the appropriate lay bet in order to hedge the position.

Lay to back: Places a lay bet and the appropriate back bet in order to hedge the position.

Order Options

Stake: This will place a bet, to the number of units specified and in the currency of your Betfair account.

Target Profit: Y = Attempts to achieve your target profit by placing the appropriate hedge bet.

Target Profit: N = Does not attempt to achieve your target profit by placing a hedge bet. 

Delay Order

Scheduled; A delay order can be scheduled, to the parameters below, by toggling to 'Scheduled'.

MTP (Minutes To Post): The number of minutes before published post time that the delay order is submitted to the market.

Min Odds: The minimum odds, below which your delay ordered bet will not be placed.

Max Odds: The maximum odds, above which your delayed ordered bet will not be placed.


Order Odds:

Hedge Stake (estimate):

Hedge Odds (estimate):

Cards Layout

Click the red X to exit the Menu.

Click in each box corresponding to the data item which you require to be displayed.

Leave blank, or click to uncheck, any data item which is not relevant to your modus operandi and which you do not want to be displayed.

Runner Details

Info On The Way!

Bets Tab

The detail of all your bets placed on Betfair are able to be viewed daily, weekly or monthly.

Further detail is provided immediately below the above summary table and graphical representation, as illustrated below'

The above view can be generated for one day, one week or one month's betting data by clicking a the appropriate combination of 'Daily', 'Weekly', 'Monthly' and a date from the 'Date' column.

The view in the illustration above was generated by selecting 'Monthly' and clicking on '7/2021'.

Key to the Table Headings

Race / Runner

Date Time - Date and time of race.

Venue - the track hosting the race.

# - the number of the horse.

Horse - the name of the horse.


Side - which side of the book the wager was placed, either the Back side or the Lay side. 

Price - the odds at which the bet was placed.

Size - the size of the stake placed in the market. Note that in the case of a lay bet this is the stake not the subsequent liability.

Filled - the odds at which the bet was matched. Note that 0.00 means that the bet was never matched.

C/L/V - tbc.


Actions - tbc.


Status Settled - the bet was matched and the market is closed with the wager having been settled.

Status Completed - the bet was not matched and the market is now closed.

Price - the odds at which the bet was matched.

Size - the size of the stake that was matched.

Profit - the profit on the bet, net of Betfair commission. 

Total - the cumulative profit/loss.

Export Facility

By clicking on 'Export to CSV' the bets detail can be exported and saved to a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file for later analysis in Excel or A N Other app of your choosing.

Info Tab 

Info Tab Details

Info Tab - Horse Tracker

The information presented is as follows;

Race Last/Next

Date Time and Venue - refer to the horse's next run, as and when it is declared to run. Otherwise it refers to the horse's last run.


Horse - the name of the horse which you are tracking.

Jockey - the name of the jockey who was / is going to be on board in the race listed.

Trainer - the name of the trainer.

Status - W = win, L = loss, A = active i.e. the horse is declared in a race which is yet to run.

BSP = Betfair Starting Price.

Any of the above columns can be sorted by clicking in the column header.

In the above example the data is sorted by Date Time, in descending order (most recent at the top of the list). To change the order to most recent at the bottom then just click again in the column header.

To remove any one horse go click the gold coloured star against the horses name. The horse will then be removed from your tracked horses.

Remove All tracked horse with the 'Remove All' button

To remove all of your tracked horses (use with caution!) click the 'Remove All' button.

Info Tab - Shortlists 

Info tab shortlist details