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Whats What in the In-Depth Runner Details Section

Recent Updates (available in HP PRO from 14/12/2018):

Book price change added to the past runs table:

As well as price drops in percentage terms as we are all used to, we now also have book percentage drop - what is this?

A past run with a BSP drop from, say, 5 to 2.5 compared to 50 to 25 has the same percentage drop. As an alternative to this we could add a ticks movement but this is a bit arbitrary.

A static percentage book drop is better!

What is 'book'?

In a perfect world the book would be 100% across the card. An evens horse makes up 50% of the market book, 5.0 is 20%, 20 is 5% - a horses 'book' is 100 divided by its decimal odds.

Our 5 to 2.5 example gives: 20 to 40 (book values of 5 and 2.5).
The percentage change is 100%, the static change is 20%.

Our 50 to 25 example gives: 2 to 4 (book values of 50 and 25).
The percentage change is 100%, the static change is now only 2%.

If you consider a move from 5 to 2.5 more of a 'move' than 50 to 25, then this is a useful metric for you to have.

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